Creative Tomorrow Dream


1. OEM

Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • A service which manufactures products as ordered.
  • Branding, Marketing, Development, Design, Process, Ingredients, Packaging are defined by the client beforehand.
  • Full manufacturing, even Quality Control, is done as requested.

2. ODM

Original Development Manufacturer

  • From development, manufacturing, quality control to delivery
  • With our own technology and facilities, C&T Dream provides total service from product development to manufacturing, quality control and delivery
  • We have excellent technology in manufacturing skin care, makeup, hair & body and OTC.
  • We are capable of manufacturing 530,000 products with great quality on a daily basis.

3. OBM

Original Branding Manufacturer
ONE STEP service that ranges from product development to design and branding.

  • Your audience is key to your success: your new beauty product needs to live up to expectations to have a chance in succeeding. When creating product specifications, the habits and culture of your target market are a determining factor. C&T Dream even takes into account your distribution network, as it’s likely to influence packaging design and size.
  • OBM Procedure

  • Potential Client

    1. Those who want to establish independent cosmetics brand
    2. Those who have ideas but short of marketing resources and information on trends
    3. Those who need total cosmetics solution from manufacturing to marketing and design