C&T Innovation

Creative Tomorrow Dream

R&D Fields

    Skin Care

  • CNT Dream holds a wide range of high-performing, customizable formulas with innovative active ingredients for a large number of Skin care

    Patent application for gel cleanser composition (no. 2015 – 0015116)

    Library of database on 120 marine plants in the East Sea

    Completion of anti-wrinkle/whitening/anti-oxidant activity assay on domestic marine plants

    Experience on manufacturing cosmetics, cleanser and shampoos with agricultural crops

    Experience on manufacturing traditional medicinal liquors and cosmetics with them

    Experience on manufacturing change brightening cream using polymer-capsulized colors


  • We anticipate cosmetic trends to help your product live up to consumer expectations. Our expertise is based on formula performance through ingredient engineering.

    Air cushion with BB cream-soaked sponge

    Vitamin powder of water drop shape

    Color Cosmetic with applicator adapting spout type packaging

    Hair Care

  • Focus on providing nutrition to hair, restoring damaged hair, and managing scalp condition, and provide customized products to meet clients’ needs and concepts.

    Manufacturing know-hows of hair care products based on agricultural crops

    Scalp care to protect damaged hair

    Body Care

  • Various types of body care products (e.g. gel, lotion, oil) with extensive manufacturing know-hows.

    Patent application for gel cleanser composition (no. 2015 – 0015116)

    Body wash, body lotion, body mist, body oil, body essence, hand care, foot shampoo.

    Sheet Mask

  • Our experts combine the systematic use of targeted ingredients with high-tech research on specific active ingredients for innovative and efficient sheet mask.

    Modeling peel off mask that improve facial shape

    Instant lifting pack that mixes two packs of ingredients

    Sheet mask with cellulose fabric coated with foil

    Sheet mask with bio cellulose originated from fermented coconut water